Referral program

5% during Pre-sale and Crowd-sale referral program is now open. Now that early adopter got a reserved spot to the token sale, it’s time to spread the word.

Our referral program is simple : by spreading the project, you will earn 5% of the tokens purchased by your friends and your friends will get a 5% bonus as well.

The distribution will be carried out in ORI token, just after the CrowdSale end date (meaning 30th March 2018).

You will get your own referral link on the website.

ORI Referral Program rules

Allowed and well-advised Totally forbidden (will lead to loss of earned tokens)
Signatures on forums / Bio on messaging services such as Telegram… No forum spamming / No spamming on messaging services / Don’t try to advertise on channel that does not allow it
Reviews such as blogs articles, youtube videos, reviews on forum No fake blog articles
Referral links sent to friends, social media (be careful of spamming) No spam on messenging app / No spam on social media or emailing
Communicate on the blockchains channel (discord, telegram, bitcointalk…), avoiding spamming No forum spam will be allowed, and no channel spam. WELL NO SPAM.
Advertising (but without a hidden link) Using link with fake images..