What is Origami Network?

A protocol for building decentralized marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain

All-in-one platform

Origami Marketplace is the easiest way for a business to create its online marketplace based on the decentralized Blockchain technology.

Based on four modules

The core API: RESTFUL API - Front-office: Open-source - An administration portal for sellers - An administration portal for operators

Built for a decentralized future

Six companies in Europe already trust Origami Marketplace.

Secure escrow payments

This payment solution developed for both e-commerce and online marketplaces is perfect for businesses wanting to add a decentralized blockchain-powered payment solution


Our payment solution will provide an easy-to-use app and a secure and easily integrable API.

Crypto currencies are the future

Origami Payment will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Origami tokens (BTC, ETH, ORI) and will be able to follow the market’s evolution.

Blockchain-powered review system

Only customers who’ve already completed an order will be able to post reviews as they’ll have to sign the latter with their own private and certified key.

An attractive incentive

Transform even more orders in reviews thanks to an attractive incentive as all approved reviews will be rewarded with ORI tokens, Origami Network’s own crypto-currency.


By decentralizing its review management, Origami offers the opportunity for your sellers to keep their positive reviews on all the marketplaces they have a contract with

What is a blockchain marketplace?

A blockchain Marketplace is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that directly connects consumers and sellers without any intermediary.

Blockchain-based marketplace

Origami Origami Marketplace + Origami Payment + Origami Review
  • Decentralized network model, directly managed by the operators
  • Direct crypto-currencies payment and low fees with Origami
  • Instant payments that don’t require any intermediary
  • Security issues avoided thanks to the network validation
  • No personal information required
  • Unbreakable and automatically executed smart contracts
  • Decentralized reviews management allowing a quick increase in the seller’s reputation thanks to Origami Review.

Traditional Marketplace

Traditional platformsAmazon or Airbnb
  • Owned and regulated by a third party
  • Personal information is required and can be hacked or stolen
  • Traditional marketplaces lack transparency
  • Payments go through third-party financial services with high fees
  • Charge a percentage out of every transaction (15% for Amazon)
  • Users must comply with terms set by the third party
  • Easy to manipulate consumers by posting fake reviews or deleting negative ones


Today Origami Network offers an operational platform

A skilled team

Entrepreneurs since 2012, our 3 co-funders also have experience in the trading and financial area having worked with companies such as NYSE, NASDAQ or Euronext

Backed by two French banks

We’ve been backed by 2 french banks (CIC - 6th biggest french bank and BPI France - an investment bank) since January 2017

Proven Track Record

Origami already has several customers with some marketplaces already operating

Huge potential

Studies show that by 2020, marketplaces should represent 53% of the total e-commerce growth

Origami Network is a protocol for building decentralized online marketplaces

Our solution offers an efficient product which already benefits its current customers

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain

All-in-one platform to sell products or/and services

Origami Marketplace

Origami is the easiest way for a business to create its online marketplace, especially thanks to its all-in-one platform.

Easy to use backoffice

for both sellers and operators

Highly Compatible

with most open source cart system solutions (Magento, Prestashop ...)

Modular software

High performances

with reading cache systems and asynchronous writing operations

Seamless integration

with Origami Payment / Origami Review

Based on APIs

(json:api, OAuth 2.0)

Origami Payment

Origami Payment is a decentralized payment system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and ORI, an ERC20 compatible token. This payment system enhances the buying/selling process with decentralized escrow for secure payments, third-party dispute resolution, and low transaction costs.

Decentralized payment system

Low transaction fees compare to old school fiat

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain

Cashback for payments in ORI

Connected to real world data via Oracles

Built for marketplaces (escrow, dispute, repudiation...)

More details

Origami Review

Consumer reviews have a dramatic impact on marketplaces. With its blockchain-powered system, Origami Review will help your business ensure a high-level of trust through a decentralization of its review management. Compatible with any other marketplace, your sellers will be able to keep all of their positive reviews.

Connected to real world data via Oracles

Decentralized review system

No fake reviews, moderation is transparent

Reviews have high impact on the level of trust

Any review will be authenticated

Rewards system in ORI for validated reviews

Examples of use

Origami Payment is a decentralized ​payment ​system powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Its decentralized escrow ensures you secure paymentsUsing the power of the Ethereum smart contracts technology allows an automation of the escrow payment management and no need for a third-party to control the cash-flow.

This also results in lower fees than any other escrow system. Last but not least, the connection to external data sources via Oracles (Chainlink) allows automatic updates such as an automatic refund when the order cannot be delivered.

More details

User reviews have a dramatic impact on marketplaces’ level of trust.

Origami Review will solve this kind of issues with its blockchain-powered review system.

Every review is authenticated, and only customers who’ve already completed an order will be able to post reviews as they’ll have to sign the latter with their own private and certified key. Your reviews will therefore truly show the quality of your products and/or services.

Thanks to Oracles and external data sources, the system will know to ask for reviews only when products are actually delivered.

More details

Through the use of Chainlink, Origami Review will be able to effectively collect datas from carriers and therefore effectively track your orders.

Origami Network is the only blockchain-powered global solution that builds decentralized online marketplaces. Faster and easier to manage than other traditional competitors, Origami Network also allows you the ability to improve your review system and benefit of all the advantages offered by blockchain-based escrow payments.

Fast, easy, cheap and reliable, make you and your customers experience a whole new experience by opting for Origami to launch your business.

Origami Network customers

Several customers have already implemented our solutions

Internal projects

Comment Se Ruiner

Marketplace selling original gifts
Launched in 2015
More than 300K monthly visitors

Visit the Marketplace

Cute land

Marketplace selling cute and trendy products
Launched in 2015
More than 100K monthly visitors

Visit the Marketplace

Deployed marketplaces

Lapin Blanc

Marketplace selling hand crafted products
Launched in 2017
More than 5000 sellers
More than 100K monthly visitors

Visit the Marketplace

Minis Moi

Marketplace selling products for babies and young children.
Launched in 2018
More than 50 sellers

Visit the Marketplace


Lifestyle marketplace for men.
Launch: Q2 2018

Coming soon

Commerce de Wallonie

Local marketplace for storekeepers of Wallonie (Belgium).
Launch: Q3 2018

Benefits of our tokens

ORI tokens have several benefits for the holders

No payment fees + cashback

By using ORI, on websites using Origami payment, ORI holders will get close to no fees, compared to FIAT currencies or ETH/BTC. We will also introduce a Cashback system for the ORI Holders, more infos very soon.

Participate in the project decisions

ORI Holders, will have a set of tools to follow and participate in the project decisions. This point in a huge advantage as you will become part of the project. We want contributors that believe in the platform and want to accomplish great things with us.

Usable on a large set of marketplaces and sharing economy platforms

As Origami Network spreads, the ORI Token will become usable on a very large set of marketplaces and sharing economy platforms.

You will be able to pay on a large set of websites without fees and easily.

Existing customers

Our greatest advantage is that we have existing customers that will quickly join our platform

Our core team

The three co-founders of Origami Network

Julien Bruitte

CEO, co-founder
5 years software engineer in trading and banking areas
Entrepreneur since 2012

Vincent Pichon

CTO, co-founder
Experienced Founder and CTO with a demonstrated history of working in the e-commerce and marketplace industry. Passionate blockchain developer. Former software engineer in financial analysis tools industry.

Alexandre Duquenoy

CMO, co-founder
Blockchain enthusiastic since 2013
Entrepreneur since 2012

Our employees

Our company exists since january 2015, and currently employs:

Account manager

Responsible of handling the customers needs

Sales / Marketing

Responsible of the Origami Marketplace marketing, and soon origami payment / review

Full stack developer

Manages the origami marketplace in accordance with the CTO

2 Backend / Blockchain developers

Have developped SmartContract and Token sale plateform. In charge of futur blockchain developments

We are currently hiring salesman, developer and account manager to take care of the growth.

* Our country regulations / rules does not allow to disclose full informations on an open website. If you want more informations, please come on our telegram

Our technical roadmap

We have an ambitious roadmap ahead of us

Our partners and advisors

They already support Origami Network

Réseau Entreprendre Nord

One of the biggest French Entrepreneurs Network


French Accelerator based in Lille, New York, San Francisco, Shanghaï, Dubaï, Belo Horizonte

Les Mineurs Français

The French community of cryptocurrencies

Origami Network's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Origami Network is a protocol for building decentralized marketplace. Origami Network solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and trusted reviews.

The Origami Network has a working product and several customers already on board benefitting from its technology.

The Origami Network is based on three self-sufficient platforms:

– Origami Marketplace

– Origami Payment, and

– Origami Review.

These complementary platforms can be used in a modularized fashion or together.

The Origami Network is the only Blockchain-Powered global solution that builds decentralized online marketplaces faster and easier than current models allow, while also utilizing blockchain based escrow payments and improving review systems.

The result is faster, easier, cheaper, and more reliable marketplace experiences for both consumer and business owner

Today’s evolving blockchain technology allows companies to run marketplaces (B2C or B2B) for faster and cheaper than ever. But there are still problems with the current atmosphere.

For one, the speed and cost by which online marketplaces are developed and run can be improved.

Secondly, at this moment in time escrow payments are still very expensive and far from accepting crypto-currency as payments.

Lastly, the review process for online marketplaces contain several major flaws that must be addressed before marketplaces can be truly decentralized.

Sales on online marketplaces cross $1 trillion in 2016 yet they still have to solve a lot of problem inherent to centralised marketplaces.

The largely unregulated nature of reviews, when combined with their importance to success of a marketplace, makes this area ripe for abuse from both buyers and sellers. Origami Review will solve this major problem with a blockchain-powered review system.

The same goes with escrow payments.

We are heading to become the leading solution of decentralized marketplaces around the world.

The Ehtereum blockchain provides us scalability and security.

The power to build Dapp on top on the Ethereum blockchain is vital to build Origami Network on top of it.

More details in the whitepaper.

On 23rd February 2018. Please refer to our blog posts about timeline here.

You need to be on the whitelist. Register on our Token Sale platform

You need to be in the whitelist with your KYC checked. More informations on our Token Sale platform.

  • Team expansion: 40%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Platform developments: 20%
  • Legal fees: 10%
  • Overhead: 10%

We are based in Lille, France in the accelerator Euratechnologies. One of the biggest accelerator in Europe.


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